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Mothers Day Hits Different When Mom is Not Around


What Does Mothers Day Mean To You?

Mother's Day has always been a major celebration in my home celebrating and honoring my mother wasn't just a day for showering her with flowers, brunch, and an expensive bag but it was a day when I basked in all her glory. A few years ago, she passed, and now Mothers Day seems like a day of distant memories, tears, and avoiding the stores at all costs. As some of us prepare to celebrate the day, reflect and honor the women, moms, aunties, sisters, grandmothers, and all who “raised us”. Perhaps the day signifies the loss of your mom, or a child, or an absentee mom, you are adopted, or are being raised by dads and if we're keeping it all the way real- your relationship with mom is complicated. You are not alone, these days, Mother's Day has taken on a new meaning for a lot of us, GoodFeed is taking the time to acknowledge those who are celebrating (in their own way) and walk this journey without a “mom” in the traditional sense of the word. We sat down with three women and a man to discuss just what mothers day means to them.

Mom Has Passed Away

Nikia Jones- ”My mom passed away when I was a teenager so Mother's Day always brings a sense of abandonment hurt and the biggest void and Mother's day just highlights it, The anxiety of never seeing her again but trying to keep her memory alive with pictures, photos and stories through my kids and hopefully their kids give me a sense of peace. I also feel grateful on this day because I have my own children and that I am able to be a mother as so many women can't. Being a mother is one of the most awesome things you can be but when you lose a mother that feeling of separation never goes away.”

My Mom Was An Addict

Janice Richards-My Mom was always in and out of our lives so on Mothers Day we (my brother and I) celebrate my Grandmother who is the one who essentially raised me, makes it all worth it to watch her face light up when we give her a big bouquet of flowers is priceless and the fact that we can all get together, particularly now that Covid is over is worth every tear shed and longing for my mom to be well and I look forward to sharing these moments with her in the future.

I Grew Up In Foster Care

Natalia Rodriguez-I was in and out of the foster care system but it was my last foster mom who really took the time to mother and help guide me through my journey. So she is who I consider, my mom. Every year, my foster Mother looks forward to celebrating the day with a group of us that came through her home. For us it's a day of gratitude, sharing, laughing, and crying. I never had a real relationship with my mom but use this day to acknowledge the woman who did step up to raise me,

I’m Being Raised By My Dads

Diane Blick-I was raised by two dads and although they are not my moms in the traditional sense of the word. I use this day to celebrate them. there aren't any greeting cards to particularly fit our situation I create a card and that makes it even more special.