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FASHION TRENDS: The Evolution of The Blazer


Women aren't just wearing their tailored blazers to the office. The Blazer is now your new wardrobe hero!

If you wondered if art imitates life, then the answer is yes. So it's not surprising to see the rise of the blazer at the center of fashion as the COVID-19 global pandemic finally begins to see an end. The pantsuit has seen a resurgence in recent years, but recently our focus is on the blazer. year.

Women aren't just wearing their tailored blazers to the office (or Zoom calls). Instead, they’re pairing blazers with denim, shorts, and sneakers, trading in slim fits for oversized, structured silhouettes and newly cropped hemlines. After a year of hanging in the back of the closet, collecting dust, they're giving this traditional garment a sense of purpose. From investment-worthy designer blazers to cult classic looks that range from oversized shapes, double-breasted, and ones that fit just like a glove, finding the perfect blazer, can take you on the ultimate quest.

The pantsuit, which made way for the blazer has been a symbolic staple in womenswear and the woman's fight for equality since the 1920s. Then, in 1966, Yves Saint Laurent introduced a tuxedo for women on their runway. Yet, both decades have been significant in social and political change. Like in the 1960s, there was another change in dress style, an increase in unisex casual wear correlating with the decade pushing for gender equality, civil rights, and desegregation.

Yves Saint Laurent first Tuxedo 1966 Yves Saint Laurent first Tuxedo 1966

Some of these issues still remain the same, right now in 2021, at the center of cancel culture, the #MeToo movement, and the latest COVID-19 variant, the blazer has become a top trend, making a statement of a powerful symbol of hope, strength, and normalcy.

The tailored oversized blazer with an optional cinched waist is a silhouette that anyone can adopt. I found that the shape resembles the '80s — another era of women's evolution, where they invested in themselves and joined the workforce.

So I ran to the back of my mother's closet to create my version of the evolved blazer. Take a look at Gucci's Fall 2021 design below. And most importantly, have fun creating your own!

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