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An Ode to Champagne

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The bubbles that just never quit.

Champagne is really that girl and the perfect way to make an ordinary day feel more luxurious instantly. However, the differences between champagne and prosecco still have the majority of the world in a chokehold, so let us set the record straight.

Let’s start with prosecco. Produced in the Veneto region of Italy, it must have 85% wine composition of the Glera grape. After it is fermented, the bubbles are added in via the tank method (Charmat) and it undergoes a second round of fermentation. It isn’t aged and is usually consumed within the first few years of it being bottled. Taste-wise, its grapes are a little more fruity than its sparkling cousin, so think green apple, honeydew, pear, fresh cream, etc.

Now our gworl champagne is a sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France. What sets champagne apart here is that it undergoes the traditional method of fermentation called méthode champenoise where its second fermentation is done in the bottle. Chardonnay, pinot noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes are the primary fruits used, while other types of grapes can be added. It’s important to note that while many sparkling wines are sold as “champagne,” they technically aren’t unless they’re made in the region of Champagne– but since it’s a sexier phrase than “sparkling wine,” people generally overlook the technicality.

Once she’s bottled, it undergoes another process to release any yeast cells used in fermentation to leave behind the sparkling wine we love so much. After (a minimum of) 12 months, champagne can be consumed immediately or left to age like other wines to further develop its taste profile. Champagne has notes of citrus, white peach, cherry, almond, etc.

While the profiles are different, we advocate for enjoying it in the ways you love. Champagne pairs well with shellfish and salty foods. The streets are saying potato chips and champagne are *chef’s kiss*.

To inspire your next champs adventure, we put together a mood board over on Instagram and recipe list for you here to explore and make some cute content for your GoodFeed channel.


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