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Be Free Revolution Transforms Lives in Kenya

Be Free Revolution Transforms Lives in Kenya

After meeting children in Kenya who were daily victims of sexual violence and extreme poverty, co-founders Britney Christie and Lacey Stluka felt called to do something to alter the devastating cycle of poverty there.

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“We started Be Free Revolution to address these problems at the root. We’ve seen the lives of hundreds of kids and families dramatically transformed and cycles of poverty broken,” Lacie said.

Through hunger relief, empowerment, counseling, and the teaching of skills, women, men, and children in Kenya are being changed, one person at a time. Be Free Revolution not only offers the opportunity to sponsor children, and serve on a mission, but they also teach invaluable trade skills so that families can support themselves.

One of these skills is the creation of jewelry. Their beautiful pieces are handcrafted, empowering both the maker, and the wearer, who takes on the responsibility to share that story and spread change worldwide.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Sevenly to create a special edition collection of bracelets,” Britney told Goodfeed.  “These beautiful, hand-stamped pieces, called cuffs, are sure to start conversations!”

They feature special Sevenly statements like “People Matter,” “Dream Bigger,” and “Never Give Up.” So this holiday season, consider giving a gift that gives -- and helps change a life. This exclusive line for Sevenly is made by two incredible women, who are refugees from Nepal and Bhutan.

Meet Kali... (left)

Kali was placed in Memphis, TN after spending 21 years in a Nepali Refugee Camp with her familiy of 5. Kali loves making unique pieces for Be Free Revolution and helps to package each product with love and care. She is the best at wire wrapping and the studs are her signature piece. She also is the jokester of the place and loves to take funny boomerang pictures!! Working with Be Free Revolution gives her purpose, consistent income for her family and community with like-minded women.

Meet Dil... (right)

Born in Bhutan, Dil was placed in a refugee camp for 20 years in Nepal. In 2013 she and her family were placed in Memphis, TN and began to build a new life. She is wife, mother to 2 daughters and a grandmother! She works with Be Free Revolution crafting beautiful jewelry pieces for Be Free Revolution. Dil fills our halls with whistling and singing and dominates at wire wrapping! She hopes to make a brighter future for herself and her family through her work through Be Free Revolution.



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