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 Gifts That Give Back to Social Inclusion

Gifts That Give Back to Social Inclusion

In celebration of the third day of Sevenly's 12 Days of Giving Collection, today we highlight brands throughout the country who give back to a variety of social inclusion causes. We've put together a Gift Guide that gives back to Social Inclusion, because Different is Not Less.

1.     Sevenly’s Unique Shirt for Women


Each shirt purchased through Sevenly's Social Inclusion Collection donates $7 towards the Anti-Bullying Programs of Stand for the Silent.

2.     Bitty & Beau’s Travel Accessories 

Bitty & Beauy's Coffee Shop in Wilmington, North Carolina has gained national attention for providing equal employment opportunities to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

3.   Sevenly’s Be Kind Shirt for Men


The Little Words project works to promote positive words passed from person to person in an effort to combat bullying and negative talk.

1.     Sevenly’s Just Say Hi Mug


We hope you enjoyed our Gifts that Give Back to Social Inclusion, use the code 12DAYS for 15% off of Sevenly's Social Inclusion Collection, to not only bless your family, but also the anti-bullying programs at Stand for the Silent. #BecausePeopleMatter

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