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Changing Lives Through          Child Sponsorships

Changing Lives Through Child Sponsorships

Having a warm place to sleep, access to clean water, a full stomach, and the opportunity to learn are all very important in the life of a healthy child. What can we do to help some of the kids who are not so fortunate to have access to these things? 

In countries like Colombia and the Dominican Republic, children are too often caught in a cycle of poverty. And while the problem may seem overwhelming, it’s not if we approach it one child at a time.  That is what makes child sponsorship programs like the one managed by Children International so important. And that’s what makes YOU so important. Learn more about how child sponsorship works here.

Children International is one program that believes the power to end global poverty all begins with you. Taking care of your lawn, buying mobile games, going out to lunch, buying that fancy sweater for your pet, and satisfying your sweet tooth are all expenses that add up over time. Thirty-two dollars for a dinner for two could provide Henri in the Uganda an education, medical care, life skills, and the job placement she needs after graduation. “You are helping end the cycle of poverty and creating a ripple of change in the world, one child at a time.” 

Friends of Sevenly are taking the initiative through the LOVE LOUD Collection to fund as many kids for the year as we can.  What a great way to remember this Valentine’s celebration: you shared love with a child in need.  

Former Navy SEAL and actor, Joel Lambert says, “Being a sponsor humbles me. It takes my eyes off of myself for a moment and allows me to do what I can to facilitate another’s journey. Even in such a small way, it’s a chance to be a bit bigger than myself.” 

So, join us! Help sponsor a child for a year, give a monetary donation or use social media to give a voice to a child in poverty. As Margaret Mead once put it – “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” 

Visit the LOVE LOUD Collection here.



Contributed by Alexx Altman


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