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CANTY Cases Supporting Women Worldwide

CANTY Cases Supporting Women Worldwide

A large theme of 2017 so far has been women supporting women. Today we are excited to share a brand whose main mission is to create beautiful lifestyle products to help women organize their lives. CANTY creates women's lifestyle products and fashion accessories, made to inspire and support great causes.

"Canty" itself is an old English word that means "passionate, spirited and full of life." The brand creates products designed by, inspired by, and helping Canty women who embody that same spirit. Founders Leah Van Eerden and Melody Davis bonded over their passion for give back brands, sparking the mission behind CANTY. Proceeds from each purchase goes to stop sex trafficking worldwide, donating 10% to various local and international charities. 

The CANTY line of products is growing each new catalog season.  Most recently, they launched three new products that are perfect for everyday use. CANTY’s beauty boxes are perfect for holding your loose items that fall to the bottom of your purse. You can even purchase a box with already filled with nail care products, or body butter. The cases feature award-winning Sevenly art, and protect from magnetic swiping – meaning they are perfect to hold your credit card without fear of your information being stolen.

Another one of CANTY’s extremely versatile products is their recently released clutch. It’s big enough to hold your ipad and charger, but is sleekly designed to act as a clutch holding your makeup, iphone, or anything you would need for your next night out with the girls.

CANTY also released a unique tote bag for you to carry your necessaries. The waterproof tote is made out of neoprene scuba material and is reversible, so you get two cute bags for the price of one! This is the perfect bag to bring to the beach, knowing it will stay dry even after you’ve thrown your wet swimsuit inside. Or save the earth some plastic by using the tote for your next grocery trip!

Just like the quote on their tote, “Wherever you go, go with all of your heart,” CANTY’s heart is to love women everywhere, not just with their products, but by supporting the freedom of sex-trafficked women around the world. Visit to learn more and shop the products of this exciting new social good brand.

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