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Sevenly, Roma Boots, Others To Outfit Hurricane Volunteers Free

Sevenly, Roma Boots, Others To Outfit Hurricane Volunteers Free

In the wake of what could be one of the most devastating hurricanes in U.S. history, we can’t help but hurt for those affected by this natural disaster. With Hurricane Harvey dumping “enough water to run Niagara Falls for 15 days,” Texas already has tens of thousands of people displaced from their homes, and a death toll rising.


In the face of it all, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and unable to make a difference.  But that’s not the way we need to leave our sentiments.

Brave stories of heroism have given the American people some hope in this time of panic, and remind us of the power of one person, one act, one conversation, one donation.

Corporate America has already donated millions of dollars to add relief alongside the government and NGOs.  Celebrities on Instagram have even started a #HurricaneHarveyRelief Challenge, urging their audiences to donate to the affected. Stories of hope will continue to meet stories of distress….

If you’re looking for additional ways to participate, one thing you can do is to wear and share the story of why EVERY LITTLE BIT MATTERS.  So let’s wear and share our love.  


Sevenly felt specifically called to serve the Texas community by releasing a limited edition People Matter collection, connected apparel and accessories to cause art that communicates the theme that “Together We Can.”

For the first time in Sevenly’s history, 100% of all net proceeds from The Harvey Relief Collection will go to Convoy of Hope and the American Red Cross in direct support of their efforts in Texas and Louisiana.  Artists from North Carolina, Boston, Texas, Wisconsin, and California came together to collaborate on this collection at no cost. Sevenly will help by outfitting volunteers responding to the disaster using promo code HELPERS17.

“Sevenly is an outfitter for World Changers, the kind of people who inspire us all in moments like this,” said Sevenly founder Jim Van Eerden. “This is the kind of thing we were created as a brand to do, so we’re stretching and pushing ourselves to make it happen, with the support of our amazing community.” Sevenly volunteers have already shipped three cartons of HOPE sandals, hoodies and t-shirts to shelters in the area.

Sevenly has invited other apparel and accessory brands to offer products through The Harvey Collection with the same pledge. 

The first of these is Roma Boots. Founder Samuel Bistrian has served as the hands and feet in developing countries around the world, but was completely heartbroken and taken back by the scene he found upon arriving in Houston. “It was truly unlike anything I’ve ever seen, almost apocalyptic.”

In the wake of this tragedy, Roma Boots will be donating pairs of durable rain boots for every pair bought by you, to aid those who will be exposed to severe water damage over the coming weeks and months. The Roma Foundation will also be donating to Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts. You can shop Roma Boots, and donate pairs of boots to those in need with your purchase through The Harvey Collection page.

Stay tuned for other announcements as brands join in with Sevenly to help.

And, if wearing and sharing the story with Sevenly and friends is not for you – please consider donating directly to a selected cause. Business Insider published a great article that highlights organizations who give close to 100% of their donations directly to the communities affected.

While this disaster is incredibly devastating for everyone involved, and for those who feel helpless in doing something about this tragedy, we have restored hope in the ways that people can (and want) to help other people.  “It’s hard to put into words what it means for people like these volunteers to wear something about their story, about what matters to them,” Van Eerden continues. “Conversations start, and Hope begins.”


Grateful to be in the Good Fight together with you –

With love,

Team Sevenly




Pictures from New York Magazine


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