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Transforming Hope with Rebecca Lately

Transforming Hope with Rebecca Lately

I will never forget the first time I heard about Transforming Hope.  It was in 2014, at an NC blogger group event, and the founder was giving a talk about human trafficking.  A portion of our purchases at the store were donated to Transforming Hope, which is a safe house for people rescued from human trafficking situations.

This post isn’t about Transforming Hope, but rather the transformation within myself to become aware of and support charities that help rescue people from modern day slavery.  That night was transformative for me.  The statistics on modern day slavery are absolutely unbelievable.  

Slavery feels like such a foreign topic to a lot of people, but it’s shockingly happening everywhere.  That night I learned so much, including that this area of North Carolina is a primer area for human trafficking.  Being so close to I-95, it’s sadly a quick way for abductors to get in and out of the state.

This post isn’t about NC, but rather the fact human trafficking takes place everywhere.  If it can happen in my community, it can happen anywhere.  If one person can be abducted, anyone can be abducted.  It would be so easy to sweep the issue under the rug.

Modern day slavery takes many forms.  There are so many ways that people are abducted and kept in servitude.  Some slaves are hidden right in front of our eyes.  Sex trafficking and child labor are probably the human trafficking forms that first come to mind, but people can be forced into marriage, forced into labor or bonded labor, and forced into domestic servitude.

This post isn’t about being shocked or being overwhelmed, because I know that feeling of not knowing what to do.  What do I do with this knowledge and these facts?  Over the years, I’ve found small ways that I can help, and I hope they are also helpful for you.

• Stay up to date •

If you want to help, stay up to date on the news surrounding human trafficking.  I spoke earlier about how this is easy to sweep under the rug.  Life is busy, and I get it, so I’ve set up a couple google alerts that get emailed to me.  That way, I automatically get the most up to date articles and news.

• Shop ethically •

As the news spreads about human trafficking, there are more and more ethical brands that either purchase from ethical artisans or employ human trafficking survivors.  You can purchase anything from clothes to jewelry to homeware.  I personally have a goal of shopping 100% from ethical brands.  It’s a slow process, so don’t feel overwhelmed!  Do whatever you can, when you can.

• Donate •

You can donate your time or money to local human trafficking organizations.  Don’t feel bad if you don’t have a lot of time or money to donate.  Every little bit helps.

• Spread the word •

And not just on social media.  Start loving, informative conversations with the people in your life.  As you donate your time and money and shop ethically, it will become natural to share your passion with others.

I’d love to hear how you joined the fight against human trafficking.  Please share your tips as well!

Join Rebecca and Sevenly in the fight to end human trafficking through our Anti- Human Trafficking Collection in support of World Relief. 


This post was graciously contributed by Rebecca Lately

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