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Remember Why You Started: One Simple Wish

Remember Why You Started: One Simple Wish

Danielle Gletow and One Simple Wish, the epic non-profit she helped create, helps all of us at Sevenly to REMEMBER WHY WE STARTED. One Simple Wish has granted a wish and helped brighten the lives of more than 35,000 foster kids to date,  And they are just getting started.  Our new design, featuring the REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED slogan that has inspired us again at Sevenly, was created to honor and help life the work of social entrepreneurs like her.  7% of all sales are paid weekly to non-profits that carry this spirit every day. 

Maybe it describes your creed as a World-Changer, too.

It makes all the difference.  Especially when times get tough, as they have for Sevenly this past year.  REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED.

Here’s one story from Danielle’s world this week, that highlights why the work we do matters.  #becausepeoplematter

"I hit the big time! I'm living in a dream!" How many of you have responded that way after a trip to Target? 

Tonight, an 11 year-old girl did. Thanks to a few amazing people, our team at One Simple Wish was able to take Mikayliah shopping for new clothes, a Spiderman watch, a few toys and a pair of American flag sunglasses. To say she was thrilled would be the biggest understatement ever. 

This young girl has been through horrors you couldn't imagine and is still navigating her way through our child welfare system without a family, without even one person to call on whenever and wherever she may need them. She has a dedicated case worker, her new found family at OSW and a team of professionals to deliver services but she needs a family. She needs a constant. She needs to matter, every single minute of every single day, to someone. 

I hope that you'll all share her story and see what more we can do to help this giggly, sweet young girl get the dream she really deserves...which is so much more than a trip to Target. 

Please share this post and please don't forget that there are thousands of kids like Mikayliah that need us. And One Simple Wish works super hard with a small team to make sure they all get heard. More on how to help us help them here:

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