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Everything We Expect to See From H&M x Mugler

jascmeen contributor

Images via Mugler

I mentioned to a Gen Z-er that once upon a time H&M had collaborations with the likes of Margiela, Alexander Wang, Lanvin and Versace. Needless to say they were floored. They couldn't believe the unassuming fast-fashion retailer was once a campout-worthy collab machine and the introduction for most into big name designer brands.

A lot has changed since then with H&M struggling to find its way alongside Zara and the surprisingly resilient Forever 21 beast. Unlike its counterparts, it has no real point-of-view or style language, but hey — its a trusty place for basics with a fair return policy and you can't beat that.

From the looks of it H&M is back in its collab bag with a recently announced partnership with the legendary house of Mugler. In case you missed it, Mugler is having a major moment thanks to an assortment of sex-positive styles that leave little to the imagination.

Based on Mugler's top sellers here's what we can expect from the H&M partnership:

Sculpted leggings and denim

Mugler’s booty-friendly leggings and denim have appeared on nearly every It Girl at this point and deserves most of the credit for the brand's surge in popularity. These styles will almost definitely be reimagined at an H&M price point, and maybe with a little less mesh.

Lingerie-inspired everything

Brace yourselves for bodysuits, catsuits and body stockings that could easily double as lingerie in this capsule. (Might be smart to double up on these, if you catch my drift.)

Black, black, black

If we had to place a bet, the capsule will lean heavily into the brand's current palette — heavy on the black with a little sky blue denim in the mix.

Soft goods

One thing we can rely on is H&M giving a pretty broad price range to satisfy their consumer. This usually includes soft goods like tees and crewnecks, possibly with a logo mashup or iconic Mugler images printed on tees.

The collab is set to drop this spring. Fingers crossed for size inclusivity and hefty quantities.

Godspeed, shoppers.