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(Working From) Home Is Where You Are


travel and solo-dating enthusiast.

If you had to choose a dream office view to gaze at while hitting deadlines, what would it be?

Are you a sucker for stunning skyscrapers, standing tall and compacted, and breathtaking skyline views like what New York City, Paris, and Tokyo have to offer?

Or, would you work better in a more tropical environment, somewhere in Belize, Bali, or Costa Rica, filled with thriving jungles, cultural treasures, and colorful towns?

Or, perhaps…a charming countryside like Bayeux (France), Yorkshire (England), or Oia (Greece), surrounded by magnificent mountains and endless seas of greenery, is exactly what you need as an official view.

Personally, due to the endless possibilities sparked by this question, the only suitable answer for me is all of the above.

I don’t want to choose. I don’t want to decide. I don’t even want to eenie, meenie, miney, mo it.

I want to explore a multitude of office views — without having to continuously switch jobs — whenever I want.

I don’t believe we should limit ourselves to just one specific work location. Inspired work is rooted in incredible, eye-opening experiences. How are you supposed to do your best work when you’re constantly chained to one particular workplace?

This is exactly why I’m the biggest advocate for work-from-everywhere job opportunities.

Remote work not only allows you to take control of your commute, access more opportunities, and cultivate better work/life balance, but it also provides the privilege of working whatever the hell you want. If you want to complete that report from the comfort of your home, you can do that. If you'd rather attend your virtual meetings at a coffee shop, go for it. Or, even better: if you wanted to hop on a flight and work in another city or country, that’s also your choice. That’s the beauty of working remotely.

Ever since I started remote work in 2020 and discovered the everlasting benefits, I promised myself to always seek and secure 100% work-from-home opportunities. Fast forward to 2022 — I haven’t stepped into another office for work since!

Although I’m a huge fan of remote opportunities, I must admit: I haven’t fully taken advantage of this amazing set-up as I should have over the past two years.

I’m able to work wherever I please but, I have constantly chosen the comfort of my home as a default work setting. Working from my couch is cool, but I’ve been eager to alternate office views and admire a variety of gorgeous sceneries throughout the workday.

It wasn’t until September 2022, after an enlightening conversation with a coworker, that I made a pact with myself to work from a new location each month.

In September, I worked from NYC and ATL.

In October, I worked from Houston.

Right now, I’m currently writing this article from a coffee shop in ATL again.

Working in different cities not only sparked inspiration and creativity in my work but also allowed me to change my scenery and explore new places — without having to use my PTO. It’s a win-win situation.

If you have a 100% remote job or are in the process of finding one, I 100% encourage you to make your own pact with yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and switch office views every once in a while.

Don’t know where to go first? Here’s your starting point: Add these five incredible co-working spaces to your work-from-anywhere bucket list!

First Stop: Neuhouse — New York City, NY | Have your mind set on gorgeous skyline views while being immersed in an environment filled with creatives, innovators, and thought leaders to gather, work and connect with? Neuhouse should definitely be one of your go-to coworking offices!

Known for: A place of inspiration, creativity, and culture. If you need a co-working space that’ll help spark big ideas, this is the place for you.

Membership Benefits: Unlimited access to all Neuhouse locations (Venice Beach, Miami- coming soon, Hollywood, Bradbury); member-only music performances; Private event venues; Open workspaces; Friends & family rates to Equinox, The Standard Hotel, Proper Hotel, Monocle and more; Unlimited access to Food & Beverage spaces; Access to the NH app; member spotlight in NeueJournal; Conference rooms; VIP access and pricing to Frieze Art Fair, Fast Company Innovation Festival and more; Member access to Fotografiskta; Cultural programming; Telephone rooms; Priority dining reservations at Reunion, Veronika, Gallery Bar, Wyman Bar, and Chapel Bar; Reciprocal membership to Mortimer House, Twelve Senses, and Troutbeck.

Office View: City

Membership Rates: $900/month for individuals

Second Stop: The Work Project — Hong Kong, China | Are you searching for a working space that offers the best of both worlds — a productive, hustle-and-bustle vibe served with a peaceful atmosphere? The Work Project is the spot to work from!

Known for: workspace design — beautiful forms, cutting edge design, and for delivering the highest standards in workspace performance.

Membership Benefits: Business grade internet; Gourmet pantry; Daily cleaning; Access to members’ only network events; Unlimited access to workstations, focus rooms, and small meeting rooms; free access to any global The Work Project’s houses (i.e. Singapore, Sydney); Special discounts; Benefits to professional and lifestyle services.

Office View: City

Membership Rates: $35.53 for Day Pass; $209.62/month for Part-Time Hot Desk

Third Stop: Dojo —- Bali, Indonesia | In search of a coworking place that provides community, culture, and unlimited access to nature’s paradise? Make plans to hit up Dojo.

Known for: its awesome community & cozy accommodation. Not only do they provide co-working spaces, but you’re also able to stay there!

Coliving Coworking Benefits: Private airport pickup; 4G LTE SIM data package; Private room and ensuite; Private surf lessons; Cleaning maid services; Amazing community; Private workspace; Yoga lesson; Private bathroom; Unlimited access to the community coworking spaces; WiFi access; Surprise welcome box.

Coworking Benefits: Access to community; Partners discounts; Members WiFi; Invite a Friend Token(s); Access to member-only events; 24/7 access; IT support; mailing address

Office View: Tropical

Coliving Coworking Rates: $172.37 per month, per person for unlimited access (for coworking only); $497-$553/week for monthly, coliving coworking package

Fourth Stop: LoCoworking — Samara, Costa Rica | Do you constantly dream of working on an exquisite, white-sand beach, watching waves of crystal-clear blue waters rush up shore? You’re gonna go loco for LoCoWorking then.

Known for: its inspiring, vacation-like environment to share ideas, stimulate your creativity, and improve your productivity. Designed for digital nomads remote workers who aspire to work in paradise.

Membership Benefits: Access to the hot desks or private offices; 200 Mbps Fiber optic WiFi internet access; Free tea and coffee; Free lockers; access to the beach and the co-working space Monday to Friday, from 8 am-6 pm or 24/7 access

Office View: Tropical

Coliving Coworking Rates: $5 for Hourly Rate; $10-$25 for Day Pass; $65-$80 for Weekly Pass; $210-$260 for Monthly Pass; $10 and up for Private Office

Fifth Stop: Tahoe Mill — Alpine Meadows, California | Would you produce your best work in glorious mountains and the sweet sound of nature? Come to Tahoe Hill.

Known for: being a space where you’re able to emerge work and play

Membership Benefits: Minutes away from a paved bike path; Access to skiing, mountain biking, and walking trails; Access to hot desks, private offices, and meeting rooms.

Office View: Countryside

Coliving Coworking Rates: $325/month for a desk; $570/month for a private office; $40 for day passes; $30/hr for meeting rooms

Sixth Stop: Mountain Hub — Verbier, Switzerland | Are you a lover of the outdoors who wants to be surrounded by nothing but the wilderness? Make Mountain Hub a spot in your work-from-anywhere adventure!

Known for: a hub for mountain lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and other like-minded individuals to come together and get things done, find a vibrant business network, and meet potential new ski buddies!

Membership Benefits: 24/7 access; Fiber-optic internet access; Tea and coffee included; Juices and snacks available; Access to printer, meeting rooms, and entertainment.

Office View: Countryside

Coliving Coworking Rates: $28.26 for half-day; $50.46 for full day; $296.69-$605.57 for monthly contracts