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Is the Tarte Drama Finally Over?

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An apology was issued, then an apology *for* the apology.

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Josephine Howard

Let’s start with a little recap:

Tarte is a makeup brand that’s known for a few things— their Shape Tape concealer (though the shade range isn’t that great) and luxe influencer trips.

The brand’s most recent excursion came with a heavy dose of drama. Starting with influencers of color receiving smaller, less flashy accommodations than their counterparts and not receiving the same invitations to activities.

Instead of addressing the issues head-on, CEO Maureen Kelly likened the disparities in room size to her background in a big family and the event invites as “miscommunications,” etc. She addressed (read: glossed over) the issues in a GRWM video, which only added insult to injury.

Kelly has since issued an apology, with one influencer applauding Kelly and the Tarte team for working through the “miscommunications on both ends.”

In yet another GRWM style video, Kelly says, “My choosing a lighthearted approach to a topic that deserved a serious response was definitely a wrong approach. I should have used this as an opportunity to address the unequal treatment of Black creators within beauty creator programs. My post came across as me not taking the issue seriously and I’m really sorry for that.”

As for the future of Tarte’s influencer program, she plans to overhaul the system to make sure it is “inclusive and equitable,” and “updating it regularly to make sure we reflect changes that happen within the beauty influencer market.”

All eyes are on Tarte right now to see if these changes prove to be more than just lip service. Stay tuned for updates.