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Literally just three things I can't stop thinking about

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She's lost it, folks!

The world is so incredibly messy that I can’t even bring myself to focus half the time. Everyone is arguing, people are being mean, and people are being bad. Obviously, social media allows for discourse to occur in ways that nobody would have ever imagined even 10 years ago, but now everyone is involved with everything and I feel like I’m caught in the middle thinking:

“Truly, what the fuck.”

The level of exhaustion I feel is absurd. Most people I talk to are feeling the same way. It’s not just burnout, it’s the inability to figure out where we (and where I) go from here. No, this isn’t a cry for help. Yes, I’m okay and healthy. But damn. Everywhere I turn, it’s another mess. There are a few messes I can’t get off my mind and I’m gonna share them with you here. Maybe you agree with where I stand with them, maybe not, but one this is certain– I’m tired.

Airplanes are not fatphobic

I keep seeing this popping up on Twitter and TikTok. People are under the impression that airplanes are fatphobic because the aisles, seats, and bathrooms are small. I don’t care where you stand on this issue– airplanes are not fatphobic. Airplanes are carefully and scientifically crafted to ensure the maximum amount of passengers can fit without the plane falling out of the sky. Fatphobia is wrong, and if you’re fatphobic you should be kinder and less judgemental, but if you are over a certain weight and you can’t comfortably sit on an airplane, the answer isn’t redesigning the airplane. The answer is weight loss. I say this as a marginally thick woman who wasn’t able to fit into American Eagle jeans when I was in middle school, and whose curves make buying clothes difficult from brand to brand. I’m not fatphobic. People are beautiful at any size, but people are not healthy at any size, and if your weight is causing problems when you travel, you shouldn’t blame the vehicle. Society’s insistence on blaming other people for problems they’ve created might ruin the world. Nobody is telling you to be skinny, or straight-sized. If my obese, 6’2 father can fit on an airplane, airplanes aren’t fatphobic. There are limits to this kind of stuff. Rollercoasters aren’t little-person phobic because they have a height restriction– they’re designed to create a maximally-enjoyable experience for the broadest amount of people. Airplanes are designed to transport as many of the “average” people as possible, safely. Making all airplane seats larger would make them more expensive for everyone. I could go on and on but I won’t. I don’t feel any hate whatsoever for fat people, hating anyone for their appearance is shitty! I don’t do that, and neither should you, but this argument makes no sense. How about this: airplanes suck for everyone, and they suck extra hard for larger people, but they’re not attacking you. Thank you!


I know that everyone on the planet has beaten this issue to death several times over, but I still have questions:

Did we fix the supply chain? In other words, if people are taking it to lose weight somewhat safely (or at least without dying) and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, did we make room for the elective users of this drug to use the drug so that both the people who do and do not “need” the medication are able to use it? I say this as a person who believes that people should have the right to safely take whatever drugs they want under the supervision of a good doctor. And yes, I do mean whatever drugs they want. If it were possible to buy the purest version of any drug and an adult wanted to use that drug, they should have the right to do so (barring those who are at work, driving, taking care of people besides themselves, or are pregnant). That might be the hottest take ever, but fuck it! Life is short, and if you wanna fuck up your brain, if you want to party, have “conversations with God”, or lose weight quickly, you should be allowed to do that. Now, obviously Ozempic isn’t a psychoactive drug, and the effects of it can’t be compared to cocaine or heroin, but all I’m saying is– don’t the pharmaceutical companies want to shove this shit down our throats anyway? Isn’t their goal to make as much money as possible and have more patients every year? If that’s the case, and they’ve created something that the sick and healthy can both utilize for their benefit, let’s figure out how to make it available for everyone. I’m not, nor will I ever be, a doctor; in case that wasn’t abundantly clear. I do, however, feel that more people probably agree with me than not. Let the people live. And while we’re at it, let’s legalize shrooms.

Why aren’t kebabs called “Halalipops”

This is just something I’ve been mulling over. Nothing more to add. Just a really good point. Thanks, everyone!

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