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7 Astrology Apps to Explore and Learn About Your Sign

Jlavraie25 contributor

Each app offers something different, but most focus on personalization, helping you discover your own astro-persona

The topic of astrology has become incredibly mainstream in the last few years, with its popularity transcending specific groups of people, the study and practice of this interesting field are no longer relegated to the stereotypical “spiritual girl". A key part of this new wave of accessibility and public interest has been the proliferation of astrology apps. Each app offers something different, but most focus on personalization, giving the user the possibility of understanding their own astrological persona, exploring their birth chart, horoscopes, and accessing some level of basic Astro-education to help them understand this vast and complex practice. Depending on your level of knowledge on the subject, and what you're interested in learning the most about, some options might be better than others. Here are some of the best astrology apps I’ve explored with their pros and cons:

Arguably the most popular and widely used of the astrology apps, Co-star provides an easy-to-understand birth chart with a bite-sized explanation of each placement. It gives you the option to add friends, see their charts, and get a basic compatibility read. The app features a simple, black-and-white design and interesting avant-garde-esque illustrations. However, what it is best known for are its daily reminders, which are usually either cryptic or borderline rude. So, if you enjoy getting roasted because of your sign, this might be the app for you. Co-Star offers a free version, but if you’re interested in deeper relationship readings you can add each profile for $8.99


Ease of use – simple app design

Easily Accessible birth chart

Add friends and compare birth charts


Cryptic descriptions and daily reminders can be confusing

Another popular app that seeks to go deeper into your personal astrological patterns and focuses on relationships and compatibility. The timelines on the app allow you to explore present and future patterns based on your placements, which can be a great tool for self-discovery. Similarly, it provides daily prompts for journaling, so you can track your thoughts and feelings and you go through different transitions. The most interesting part of the app is its “bonds” feature, in which you can explore the friendship or romantic bonds with your app contacts. These descriptions are often creepily accurate and can serve as great conversation starters between you and your friends or partner. The design of the app is vibrant but still simple and intuitive. It also offers a “dating” feature where the app can match you with compatible singles based on astrology. Can’t vouch for this one just yet. You can go deeper on certain topics for $19.99 for 3 months of premium.


Focus on personal patterns beyond the basic birth charts and horoscopes

Great tool for introspection

The “Bonds” feature is very accurate and interesting to explore with friends and partners


Doesn’t explain the birth chart, which can be confusing for beginners

This app is just as great for people just getting into astrology as it is for those with more experience on the subject. It provides a great deal of education, definitions, and explanations on astrology terms and concepts that will help you truly understand the meaning behind your birth chart placements and general astrology terminology. It also provides basic birth chart readings, horoscopes, and compatibility readings. It doesn’t allow you to add friends, so it lacks the social aspect that some of the other apps offer. The density of the content can make the app a little clunky and it might initially seem harder to use, but after a bit of time exploring the interface, users can find the key features and enjoy the learning experience. Time Passages offers most features for free, but you can make a one-time payment of $29.99 to get the works.


Focused on astrology education

Good for beginners and more experienced users

A mix of basic and more complex features


The interface can seem busy at the beginning

No social feature to add friends and compare charts

This app focuses on the spiritual aspect of astrology and provides in-depth tools for those interested in using astrology in their journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. The app provides daily affirmations, meditation guidance, and daily personalized horoscopes with which you can journal and reflect. One of the key differentiators of this app is that it was developed by a well-known astrologer herself Chqni Nicholas, who’s also the author of (add book name) and she infused it with a personal touch that makes the prompts and descriptions feel closer to home. The interface of CHANI is one of the most strikingly beautiful I’ve seen. All sections are paired with beautiful, whimsical illustrations that make exploring it the magical experience it should be. You can access CHANI’s upgraded version for $11.99 a month or an annual subscription of $107.99


Focus on spirituality and introspection

Beautiful, enjoyable interface

Daily affirmations and horoscopes

Astrologer developed app


The paid version is one of the most expensive in the market

No social feature

Not compatible with Android

This app offers something quite different from the others. You get to directly talk to astrologers, tarot readers, and experts in the subject that will guide you in your learning about astrology, your chart, horoscope and even provide personalized readings. If you would rather leave it to the experts, this might be the app for you, however, it still gives you access to explore all the features and educational tools on your own, just as much as the other apps. The cost of one-on-one sessions is $4.99 for 5 minutes and could be very useful when you want to explore something more deeply.


Access to personalized readings by experts

Easy-to-use platform


No social aspect

This app offers lots of information on its free version, and the interface allows users to explore all of the information easily, from detailed descriptions of birth chart elements to different kinds of tarot readings. Some of the most interesting aspects of the app are the beauty and style tips provided depending on your sign, the access to astrologers, tarot readers, and other spiritual advisors, and the “guides” option, which provides lots of articles dealing with career, love, relationships, etc. Their premium option allows you to access lots of features without ads, the best option being their yearly subscription for $49.99


Lots of features In one place

Access to spiritual advisors

Focus in relationships


Some “free” features can only be accessed after watching adds

This app is a no-frills option if you want to receive a detailed daily horoscope that dives into different areas of your life, including work love, health, finances, etc. This app also provides a simple, easy-to-navigate interface where you can explore your lucky numbers and even a calendar that gives you the best days to cut or color your hair, work on your plants, and even focus on different areas of your fitness or financial goals. A lot of these features are accessible for free, but to go deeper into come of them, you have the option of subscribing to the app for 6 months for $27.99


Easy to understand – great for beginners

The astrological calendar is a great tool to find the best times for certain decisions


Not as intricate and educational as other apps

Many options are only available with a subscription

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