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Julia Fox: Why We Were All Meant to Know Her Name

Jlavraie25 contributor

Did Kanye "make her'' famous? Perhaps, but she's undoubtedly not going anywhere, and we can't wait to see more.

We can all agree that it has been an eventful year in Hollywood. Celebrities, fashion houses, and artists have all given us lots to talk about, and the controversies have gotten more intense as the year rolls by. In a year of public fallouts and cancellations, there is no rise-to-fame story like that of Julia Fox. The 32-year-old Italian-American took international media by storm when she started dating Kanye West earlier this year. Still, she quickly ensured everyone knew she was much more than Ye's rebound. Fox is not only a multi-hyphenate creative; she's become one of the internet's most relatable and refreshing stars and an undeniable trendsetter. Her unbothered candor and style have garnered her 1.5 Million followers on TikTok and close to the same on Instagram, countless contracts, and an unprecedented amount of fame, but it also has made her the target of constant criticism and hate. Her response is to keep being her, which is the lesson many have to learn.

A lot starts making sense when you glimpse Fox's life (which she assures she'll be sharing in an upcoming biography). Born in Milan to an Italian mother and American father, Julia moved with her dad to New York in early childhood and mostly has called the city home except for some years she spent in Italy. Her unorthodox life has been shaped by financial struggle, fearlessness, and unbound creative energy. Every stage of her life seems like a separate movie we would all love to watch. Fox's collection of jobs, career transformations, and documented success in several artistic mediums make her one of the most interesting celebrities of our era.

Working as a dominatrix in a Manhattan dungeon, publishing a photography book, having her own art exhibition of paintings she made with her own blood, a successful knitwear brand, and an acclaimed role in the cult movie Uncut Gems, are all accolades she had before her rise to fame this year. Each of these experiences has shaped her iconic style, daring personality, and effortless It-girl status. The ease with which she moves through indie and Hollywood circles alike is a testament to what she calls her unparalleled quickness to adjust. In an interview with Highsnobiety, she said: "I'm very adaptable and I embrace change very well. And whatever the circumstances are, I'll rise to the occasion and deliver." This is her attitude when it comes to challenges and opportunities that come her way, and possibly part of what gives her the edge that designers, directors, and artists can't resist.

Even with looks and talent that are enough to make anyone stand out in a crowd, her uncensored views and commentary have made people gravitate to Fox. She discusses topics that range from celebrity life to fashion to relationships and even addiction, which she consistently shares on TikTok (vastly different content from what she shares on Instagram). Often appearing bare-faced and in her most natural state, her videos let her followers dive into a world that many dream of ever being part of; however, instead of glamourizing it, she keeps it pretty real. Like a friend who somehow gets into celebrity parties, Fox shares her experiences as if she's spilling tea, and we cannot help but be fully engaged and entertained. Did Kanye "make her'' famous? Perhaps, but she's undoubtedly not going anywhere, and we can't wait to see more.