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My Mirrorless Mornings Saved My Sanity

JoHoward contributor

Alright, I’m admitting it.

I show up to my morning meeting on Google Meets everyday with crazy hair. I only fix it during the little preview as my team joins the call. What’s going on?!

Well, I just stopped looking in the mirror while brushing my teeth. That’s it.

But I feel FREE! As women we feel pressure to look a certain way and society bombards us with images of what the "perfect" woman should look like. It's exhausting.

I’ve decided to give myself the freedom to start my day without any negative self-talk or criticisms. I don't’ dare give myself the chance to feel inadequate or insecure that ealy in the morning. Instead, I focus on how I feel and what I need to accomplish that day. Then, I fluff up my curls and walk the dog. Maybe I even get a little sweaty.

The first time I see my reflection these days is during morning meetings. But by then, I‘ve already had a productive day and my appearance is no longer the center of my attention.

I’ve just got a few curls sticking out, and that’s not as big of a deal as I was taught.

#Mental_Health, #self_esteem