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Shower S*x Toys That Hide in Plain Sight

ProfessorGorgeous founding_member

Sneaky, sexy, cool– just like you ;)

Sex toys: literally every adult should have them. Nowadays, there are so many varieties that it's easy to become overwhelmed by the marketplace, but finding the right one(s) can be life-changing. They can be your partner’s secret weapon in the bedroom, or your favorite way to unwind after a long day. Introducing toys into the bedroom is usually a couple’s first step toward “spicing things up,” but taking the party from the bedroom to the shower really opens up a world of sexy possibilities.

Many sex toys are waterproof, which makes sense for obvious reasons, but that also means they’re able to be used in the shower. The issue is that many sex toys look like sex toys and it’s likely not your intention to accidentally leave them around only for them to be discovered by your mother-in-law when she uses your bathroom during the holidays.

Another issue I’ve personally found with sex toys is how/where to store them. Some are sticky and need to be covered in powder to “retain freshness,” while others are too large or bulky to be hidden beside your bed. I hate the idea of throwing sex toys into your dresser like a teenager with a secret, it seems disorganized and kind of yucky. In a perfect world, sex toys would have a seamless and discreet place within the home so that they can be kept clean and readily available in the place you want them. Enter: shower toys.

I mentioned earlier that many sex toys are waterproof, but they tend to be a little obvious. Shower toys are made to blend in with everything else you’ve got going on in there, which is fun when you want to surprise your partner with a little bit of naughtiness or when you want to store your toys in the place you’ll be using them. I didn’t know that there were toys literally designed for the shower until Instagram, uh, turned me onto them, so to speak. What a trip. Now, you can enjoy the fruits of my research. From bathtime alone to the shower with a partner, these toys are sneaky, sexy, and cool– just like you.

The Love Shower

The Sonic Scrubber by Black Wolf

The WaterSlyde Aquatic Stimulator by Lovability Inc.

The Lipstick by Kyss

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