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Tried and True: The Products That Last Us Forever

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Whether it's your middle school hoodie or a pair of shoes that just won't falter, we salute our OG faves.

We all have that one product (or if you’re lucky, a few products and maybe even clothes) that we’ve had for the majority of our adult lives. They’re older than many of our relationships and we don’t plan on getting rid of them anytime soon.

Our staff discussed the products we’ve accumulated throughout the years and why we just can’t get rid of them. Here are our GoodFeed staff’s Tried and Trues. As the saying goes– “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Flannel from No Relation Vintage - Theresa Myrill

  • When you purchased it - Freshman year college 2006

  • Why you’ve never replaced the product – The more you wash it, the softer it gets, it also represents a time when I would use the last 40 dollars in my account to go thrift shopping and try to put together outfits that look great and cost no money.

  • What it means to you - I mean, they are just not only the most comfortable flannels to lounge around in, they still work really well with my fashion sense.

Courtesy of No Relation Vintage Courtesy of No Relation Vintage

Remington Wet2Straight Hair Straightener - Lauren Loesner

  • When you purchased it: 2012

  • Why you’ve never replaced the product- I refuse to replace appliances unless they literally catch on fire. I spent $20 on this straightener in 2012 and it still works like a charm (mostly). There are some days when the straightener flat out won’t turn on, but she’s old and she deserves a break from time to time.

  • What it means to you: I have had literally the same hair straightener for my entire hair-doing life. I feel like when this thing dies, I die. Does that make sense? No?

  • It’s technically a wet-to-straight appliance but nobody should do that. Using high temperatures on wet hair is bad news. You will fry and damage your hair, potentially irreparably.

Doc Martens Virginia Leather Boots - Adriana Tercilla

  • When you purchased it: Summer 2015

  • Why you’ve never replaced the product: These boots get comfier over time, especially around the ankles where they mold to your leg shape. Care is easy, essentially it’s a beeswax shoe shine that keeps them looking fresh. On top of that, you can’t really go wrong with a black boot- they just go with everything.

  • What it means to you: This was my very first pair of Docs, and it set a VERY high standard for shoes afterward.

  • Don’t buy the “made-in-UK” kind that costs more, they’ve got terrible reviews in terms of durability.

Doc Martins Doc Martins

Sofee Shorts - Jascmeen Bush

  • When you purchased it 2004

  • Why you’ve never replaced the product - The more I wash them the softer they get, sure the elastic has stretched out but I fold over the waistband anyway like a true millennial. Years of washing have also made the fabric incredibly thin and breathable so I can sleep in them year ‘round.

  • What it means to you - I protect these shorts at all costs. I've tried to replace them with the same style of shorts but they aren't the same. Plus these remind me of simpler times when you could survive off of Ramen noodles and a Sprite Remix.

Sofee Shorts Sofee Shorts

What are your tried and true products? Let us know in the comments!

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