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Wake Up Your Wedding

ProfessorGorgeous founding_member

Here comes the bride, all dressed in whatever the hell she wants.

Unpopular opinion: weddings are cringe as hell.

Okay, not all weddings, but you know what I mean. Obviously, we go because we love our friends and family or whoever invited us, but generally, weddings are the worst– mostly because they’re boring and often so traditional that it begs the question “IS THERE ANY CREATIVITY LEFT IN THIS WHOLE WORLD?”

Thankfully, as far as weddings are concerned, the answer is: YES!

The young Millennials/Gen Z ‘cuspers’ have finally arrived on the wedding scene and gone are the days of being relegated to the same wedding dresses, parties, locations, and designs that our parents and grandparents loved. It’s wedding season in 2023 and the rules and conventions of the past have officially gone out the chapel window. Thank goodness!

Whether you’re looking to plan your wedding or just want the scoop about how the ~cool~ newlyweds have paved the way for fresher, sexier weddings, there are some new trends that’ll have you saying I DO a million times over.

It’s CRAZY that 2023 is the first year I’m seeing this, but it kinda seems like a no-brainer. Why walk straight up the aisle when you can do literally anything else? And NO, I don’t mean dancing. People are having fun with the shape and curvature of their aisle– go figure! It seems like a cool way to make an entrance regardless of the wedding location.

There is absolutely nothing worse than having to sit through someone’s photo slideshow. It’s like, what do you expect from me, to comment on every photo that comes across the screen while you stare at me staring at your pictures? Please. Leave this wack shit in the past and opt for a coffee table book. They’re elegant keepsakes that people will likely wind up flipping through when they come across it on your table. Imagine people *willingly* looking at your wedding photos. Couldn't be me, unless it was a realllllly cute coffee table book.

Instead of shopping for “the perfect dress,” brides are experimenting with separates that bring a high-fashion vibe to an otherwise stuffy tradition. Layering tulle jackets, removable skirts, feather accessories, gloves, and whatever else makes you happy can transform the bridal look and allow more freedom depending on how much you want to move/dance around. Add that touch of “something blue” if you still want that traditionalist inspiration but feel like incorporating color.

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