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What is Balletcore?

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Classic and sexy looks that easily transition from barre to the bar.

The trend I’m living for right now is something I’ve been waiting to come into style for a long, long time.

I’m a loungewear queen– comfort over everything, always. Thankfully, in the past decade, people have been ditching their jeans for leggings and their heels for the hottest sneakers. Especially during the pandemic, people have generally lost their affinity for the high-effort ensembles of yesteryear. However, it’s worth mentioning that once the world “opened up” again for people to run wild and show each other their outfits, people have maintained that comfy energy but with a more refined twist. Enter: Balletcore.

I know I’m not alone when I say that the off-duty ballet dancer look is just plain hot. As a thicker girl myself, I’ve always struggled to find thigh-high legwarmers that didn’t turn me into a sausage. The body-positivity efforts of the recent past have made these cute styles widely accessible to a broader range of body types, making a trend like Balletcore possible in 2023. Gone are the days of leotard-and-tight exclusivity! Huzzah!

What is Balletcore, exactly? In an InStyle interview, stylist Jordan Stolch describes the trend as embodying a “dreamy, ethereal aesthetic of the dance world while striking the perfect balance between elegance and ease.”

This trend takes the form-fitting, layered ensembles coined by ballerinas and makes them wearable for everyday loungewear sexiness. Don’t worry– you can adopt this style without going out in a leotard and tights alone. Balletcore is all about elevated, feminine, form-fitting silhouettes that complement every body type.

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The best part? These effortless styles are wearable from the barre to the bar (get it?). You’ll never look cuter going from the gym to the coffee shop. We love the flexibility. Even if this trend disappears tomorrow, I know I’ll be sporting these styles for a very long time. I have a feeling like this will have staying power, especially since the athleisure trend that began in the 80s has seen so many resurgences (we’re looking at you, legwarmers and off-the-shoulder sweaters).

What do you think of Balletcore? We wanna know in the comments!

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