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Sailor Moon x Chanel | A Collab We're Scared to Wish For

SailorTortilla contributor

Source: The Standard, Art: Naoko Takeuchi

A mysterious catalog revelation that launched a thousand tweets.

We've seen major brands like Vans and luxury brands like Jimmy Choo tackle their own collaborations with the iconic 90's anime, Sailor Moon, but we've never seen a nebulous semi-non-announcement quite like this. Chanel, really?!

Japanese social media blew up last week when clips of the latest Chanel catalog leaked, featuring new artwork by Sailor Moon's creator, Naoko Takeuchi. Today, the news is causing up a storm in the anime community with high resolution uploads.

Source: The Standard, Art: Naoko Takeuchi Source: The Standard, Art: Naoko Takeuchi

Undisputedly, yes, those are classic runway Chanel items worn by our 11 favorite Sailor Guardians. Disputably, are we getting a collab or not? No one knows!

But instead the question might need to be: can we afford a Chanel collab, even if it's just accessories? In a stagnating economy with woes over a recession, I think we can wait until 2024 for some kind of announcement.

If it never comes, at least you can keep your moon dollars for another one of those giant figures (it's decor!).

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