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Reset, Relax And Restore At These Wellness Retreats Created For Us By Us


After a stressful couple of years of being in the house with just the kids. husband, zooming into work and seeing just the people in my bubble had most of us going a bit crazy. And since I vowed to stop drinking that glass of wine every time I felt the need to unwind or when I got bored you needed to unwind. To get on the quest to protect my mind, body and spirit at all costs. I knew it was time for a serious reset, complete rest from the everyday of myself. Although now that we outside, is it just me who has literally felt every emotion,depression, anxiety and a slight mental breakdown (just that one time when i cooked dinner for two weeks straight).All jokes aside, and getting back into the swing of things, is not just an easy fix to what has become the new normal at least for me. it’s not just about a night out with the girls but in order for me to really recover and get my mind right, a friend recommended that I sign up to be a part of a wellness retreat. So whether you’re interested in yoga, astrology, or implementing holistic wellness into your daily life, these workshops and retreats offer little something for everyone. With so many activities and events on your summer itineraries, take a chance on yourself and choose from the all-inclusive trips or keep it simple with just an hour a day in the morning, consider these retreats your first step to finding your happy place and an easy way to ‘om’ your way to bliss.

Morning Mindset with Tai

For those who are less adventurous and prefer to work on themselves in the comfort of their own home, this Instagram live series created by Lifestyle expert, founder of Brown Girl Jane and Tai Life Media, Tai Beauchamp is designed to encourage a conscious routine of self-love and personal growth. Get your dose of inspiration and motivation with Tai and her amazing guests like Hill Harper, Mikki Taylor and Hill Harper. and if your lucky enough to experience it, and if your in LA join Tai and the amazing sisterhood of women on a hike, fitness, and truly living fully in the moment. The mantra ‘How you begin is half the win’

OMNioir Retreats

Founded by Christina Rice also founder of Lux Life Media and Luxe Life Adventures designed to cultivate your own healing, rejuvenate your spirit and find joy in community through travel . ‘ I was a black woman who enjoyed planning luxurious vacations for myself and others I knew I could help others achieve the same through travel.

Yoga En Blanc

Offers multicultural health enthusiasts opportunities to escape the mundane and improve their holistic health through exciting experiences that blend yoga, nature, and community. Yoga En Blanc is more of a social event, a way to come together and connect with the community. There’s a signature event in which the participants practice yoga wearing all white. That’s a symbolic color in the yoga practice, and it’s something that can be done domestically as a one-day affair or within a retreat.


Created by Myleik Teele Founder of Curl Box and My Taught You Podcast created this retreat to introduce like minded executives to each other and provide a professional support group to other Black women who understand what it’s like to be the only Black woman in the C-suite.

Goddess Pray Love Retreats

Created by Abiola Abrams, author, coach and 'spiritpreneur' “Many of my clients are very successful but still don’t feel that they are who they were born to be,” says Abrams in a statement. She creates day long activities around development and empowerment alongside sound healing, aura readings and a cabaret ­burlesque dance class at the Josephine Baker Night School in Paris. Including a one on one session with Abiola to help with focus and how to lead with one's god given talent. "If you are ready to stop living in fear and answer your calling, you are in the right place."

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