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Just Leave Me Alone Fashion

TheLiberalLeo founding_member

Credit: Vogue, WWD, CNN Style

Fashion thats almost too dangerous to wear. Or is that the point?

Fashion is continuing to be one of the spaces that allow us to materialize how we're feeling inside. Sometimes we dress for love, sometimes we dress for lust and sometimes we dress to say, stay the F**k away from me! As a culture, are we getting too comfortable being alone? A recent study from CNN Health said "women who got to hug their significant other showed a decrease in the production of cortisol – a stress hormone – compared with those who did not" – is this why we are all stressed out? And coming out of a recent pandemic in which we were isolated for over a year and the exponential growth in remote living, are we all just getting too comfortable being alone? I mean, fashion certainly things so.

From nails, to spikes, to inflatable clothes we're seeing new trends in what we're calling “Leave Me Alone Fashion” in which people are rocking outfits that are almost downright dangerous to come near. Some of our favorite fashionistas have pushed the boundaries with wearable garb that can either cut, scrape, or pop, and we are loving it…I think. There really is no limit to where clothes can go these days and for me there is nothing more risky than putting on a suit that can puncture pillows or possibly prick a finger! Here are some of our favorite leave me alone fashion outfits from this Award season and 2023 New York Fashion Week.

Julia Fox in Luis De Javier’s Fall 2023

Credit: WWD Credit: WWD

I mean we love a good Canadian tuxedo but this really took it up a notch. With huge bull horns coming out of her corset, we aren't sure if we should hug her or tie her up, and I think that is exactly how Fox wants us to feel. Fox has been papped all year long wearing BDSM inspired garb and we are love to see her intersection of fashion, art, and sexuality.

Sam Smith Custom Inflatable Latex outfit by HARRI for the Brit Awards

Credit: CNN Style Credit: CNN Style

Sam Smith is not only on of this centuries best vocal artist but he is continuing to push the boundaries of genderless fashion. This silhouette, while beautiful, also proved to be hazardous with its exaggerated width and curves making Smith a larger than life balloon on the red carpet. We just hope he didn't run into any sharp edges, yikes.​

Area Women’s Spring Summer 2023

Credit: Vogue Credit: Vogue

Area sent many sculptural pieces down the runway during their show but these spiked suits were giving us serious Bowser vibes from Mario. We are torn between loving the artist's interpretation or if we should go protect Princess Peach’s castle.

Machine Gun Kelly at the AMA’s

Credit: Getty Credit: Getty

This is what I really call, looking sharp! The ultimate leave me alone outfit, the Blonde Don sported a custom spiked suit for the AMA’s. Now, we know MGK has been in the press lately for a rumored breakup with fiancé Megan Fox – do we think this suit was the culprit?

Maybe we all just need a hug.​