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Women Are Investing In These Companies In 2023


Who runs the world?

Women have been trying to close the gender pay gap for many years, and the quest for equality hasn’t always been a smooth one. In recent years, investing in women-run businesses to fund their rise to the top has become more popular. Wondering which female-owned companies to invest your hard-earned cash in? Look no further. We’ve rounded up 5 of the best companies to invest in if you’re a woman looking to support women making waves.

In-N-Out Burger

We all love their burgers, but have you ever thought of investing in In-N-Out? This popular burger chain is owned by Lynsi Snyder, and she’s been steering this chain toward success for a while now.


This company is making headway with cancer research and diagnostics - helping patients everywhere get back their quality of life. This quickly growing company has many women at the helm, and it’s moving forward with optimism.

  • Eventbrite

You’ve probably heard of Eventbrite, but did you know it’s run by several women? This site that allows for the creation of events and gatherings has become extremely popular and holds great promise for the future.

General Motors

CEO and chairwoman Mary Barra has run the company since 2016, and she’s forging the way for the future of electric cars. In a male-dominated industry, this female entrepreneur and manager is paving the way for more female success in the industry.

The Hershey Company

Michele Buck runs the mammoth chocolate company Hershey; she serves as President and CEO. She’s a self-professed “working mom” who loves both titles of mom and CEO. This company has the potential to continue growing and staying steady with its established place in the market in the future.

Whether you’re new to investing or you’ve had a portfolio for years, the way you choose your investments is just as important as the fact that you have a portfolio. Don’t just take our word for these investments; make sure you vet your possible investments with these tips below:

Check out the company’s values and history

Look up news stories on the company you’re interested in - are there any scandals that wouldn’t align with your values? Does the company profess to produce eco-friendly products? Do they give back? These are all considerations when choosing a new investment. In this case, we've chosen investments that include female-run businesses, to align with the value of empowering women in leadership.

Look at the historical stock values

Make sure you take a good look at how the company’s stock has performed over the years. If you see a dip or rise, look up the reason why this historical movement took place. It’s important to try to “buy low” and purchase stocks not at their height, but when they are cheaper. This will help you truly make money on your investments.

Choose an investment strategy

Another consideration when choosing stocks is the strategy you’ll use. Are you comfortable with higher-risk stocks? Higher-risk stocks are typically startups and smaller companies with uncertain futures. How long do you want to hold the stock and for what purpose? We’d recommend choosing beforehand if you plan on holding onto your investments for years, or if you’re going to try your hand at the market frequently by buying and selling often. Your investment strategy is just as important as your investment choices.

If you’re looking for female-owned companies currently on the rise, this list of 5 is a great place to start. Financially-savvy women are investing in these top companies to promote the success of women in leadership. Happy investing!






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