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Ahriana Edwards’ Size-Inclusive Footwear Has Been in Business for Under a Year — and Its Already Coming to Macy’s

jascmeen contributor

Image via Vaila Shoes

We love to see it!

Meet Vaila Shoes, the brainchild of Ahriana Edwards, a 24-year-old creative with a passion for footwear for all. Dedicated to sizes 9 through 14, Vaila shoes feature size-inclusive features like sturdier heels and more spacious toe boxes — without compromising on style.

Edwards launched her brand in 2022 with about $80,000 in funding. She spoke of her early days in an interview with Afrotech saying, “When I started the concept for Vaila in 2020, I knew in 2021 that I needed to raise as much upfront capital to launch and sustain the business. 2021 was imperative, because it was the time being where individuals truly saw how underfunded Black founders were. Although I didn’t have any product in market yet, I took that opportunity and ran with it…That $80,000 in non-dilutive capital was able to sustain me through my entire first year of business — and that’s something that I’m proud of.”

It didn’t take long for Macy’s to take notice, bringing Vaila shoes to five locations: New York City (Hearld’s Square), Atlanta (Lenox, Cumberland, and Stonecrest malls), and Washington D.C. (Pentagon City location).

Look out for Vaila in these locations or shop the brand via her website.

Congrats, Ahriana!