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British Vogue Celebrates the "New Kind of Supermodel"

jascmeen contributor

Since Edward Enninful's placement as editor-in-chief at British Vogue, its been all eyes on the publication — especially stateside. Covers have become more diversified in terms of race and body types, with the April cover being no different.

Dubbed "The New Supers," Jill Kortleve, Precious Lee, and Paloma Elsesser have amassed fame and adoration for their commitment to representation on runways, in editorials, and in real life.

In the accompanying editorial by Janelle Okwodu, the models remark on their individual journeys and everything that comes with being a supermodel, though most don't necessarily embrace the term. Keep reading for a few quotes from the article.

“I always think about the 15-year-old girl sitting in her bedroom in Milwaukee who needs to see someone with boobs or a belly represented. I want her to know we can be chic, beautiful and cool – to see all the possibilities.” - Paloma Elsesser

"I remember during my first seasons I would look at pictures of myself on the runway and think, ‘Why do I look so different from everyone else?’ I was comparing myself to other girls, wondering why I felt out of place, and I realized that it was because I’d never seen anyone who looked like me in those spaces. I had to change the way I looked at things.” - Jill Kortleve

"I don’t want to say we’ve come full circle, but we’ve finally reached a place where we can give ourselves the space to see our work and appreciate everything that has led us to this moment. The first time I met Paloma, we were shooting for Target, and yesterday we were shooting this cover for Vogue. How often do girls see a [US] size 16 brown, chocolate girl jumping through the air on a Vogue cover or being called a supermodel? None of us aspired to a title [per se], but inspiring others on this level is powerful.” - Precious Lee

Read the full interview here.

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