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I Have Very Strong Feelings on This Specific ASICS GEL-Kayano Sneaker

jascmeen contributor

Look, we can get scientific and say that I was drawn to this shoe as a symptom of the collaboration fatigue or that maybe I'm subconsciously subverting what TikTok calls the silly-fication of fashion with an approachable Dad shoe. I dunno. I'm not a scientist. I go off VIBES.

Call it love at first sight but this shoe is my obsession. It's mine, and I'm gon stand beside it.

At this point I'd like to start a church and preach the gospel of this shoe every Sunday morning.

I'd like to start a podcast, presenting this shoe and this colorway as a solution to a bevy of completely unrelated controversial topics.

I'd like to craft a flag for this shoe and wave it, upsetting virtually all corners of politics.

l'll write a romcom starring me and this shoe. I'll bump into it at a coffee shop, hate it at first, and then inevitably live happy ever after with. this. shoe.

It is perfect.

I feel like I need to get into a numbered list to really explain.

Image via ASICS Image via ASICS

1. Most gold sneakers are... dated. Let's just say it, they're ugly.

( ::Looks at Nike Air Max 97 "Gold Bullet:: Not you, baby. Everyone but you.)

Once you throw gold on a sneaker it can get very "I'm a Hip-Hop dancer," very American Apparel circa 2012.

These are an exception.

2. Mixing metals is something everyone should try.

Sticking to one metal should be categorized alongside the ancient fashion rules like "No white after Labor Day." These mix silver and gold perfectly.

Boom, another win.

​3. While comfort doesn't exactly direct my shopping habits, these are a game changer.

I can wear these to Disneyland and park hop with no complaints from my flat Flintstone feet. No arch-less foot discrimination over here.

It's giving inclusivity.

4. I imagine they'd be great to run in.

I do no running except for errands but hey, they're wide and breathable. It's not just about looks.

Run, don't run — a judgement free shoe.

​The ASICS GEL-Kayano 14 in "White/Pure Gold" is sold out at ASICS, but never fear, they're available via StockX in men's and women's sizing under the original retail price.

​See what I mean?


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