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The New Color Purple Movie Isn’t *Exactly* a Remake

jascmeen contributor

Everybody calm down.

For better or worse, we’re in the era of remakes. From reimagined sitcoms to live action Disney flicks, the “nostalgic Millennial” has been milked dry of the little money we have in the name of reboots.

The Color Purple is the latest franchise to see reinvention, but before the internet think-pieces us into oblivion, there’s a few things to keep in mind.

First, this isn’t technically a remake of the 1985 movie, this is an adaptation of the Broadway musical that made its debut in 2004. (Before you turn your nose up, it was extremely well-received and earned 11 Tony Award nominations in 2006 and even won two Tonys in 2016.)

Not sure if this is up your alley? You can watch clips from the Broadway musical via The Color Purple Broadway YouTube channel or listen to the soundtrack on Amazon Music to give you an idea if the movie is worth your time.

Lastly, Oprah is still very much involved and hath already commandeth us to wear purple to the premiere. (Obviously we will oblige.)

Check out the trailer here but not to be pretentious, nothing beats the book — pick one up from your local Black-owned bookstore.