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Trends Just Aren’t Trending Anymore

jascmeen contributor

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As much as I want to believe the trend cycle is an inspiration-led, esoteric emotional phenomenon — researchers would disagree. Historically, there are surefire ways to chart why we gravitate toward trends in music, fashion and beyond. (Some studies even claim to correlate recessions with hemlines.)

Whether we’re reclaiming femininity as part of TikTok’s Barbiecore or flip flopping between logomania and coded luxury, there’s always a wider, broader method to the madness.

Social media stirred the pot, though, setting the stage for micro trends that are so micro that it could be argued that they’re actually nonexistent.

The current landscape would more accurately be described as an aimless cacophony where anything goes. Is something even “in” or “out” anymore? Or is something at once so “in” it’s out? Or so “out” that it’s actually in?

The line between something being phased out or gently phased back in again is written in disappearing ink. Here’s why thats good news:

One can only hope that the inability to chart or even define a trend will set the stage for an emphasis on personal style, or for lack of a better term — personal branding. Fashion weeks aren’t the trend forecasting platforms they once were and REAL style stars are few and far between. We need heroes.

The current climate is a mishmosh. Here's a rundown on the current state of affairs which will probably change by the time I hit "publish" on this post: Skinny jeans are out but back on the runway, the baby tee is the new crop top, the old crop top is the ab-baring midi dress, little bags are in unless they're the oversized Louis Vuitton bags or the exaggerated Ferragamo top handles. Like, girl what?

Remember this cacophony before you second guess a damn thing. The trend cycle is no more, enjoy!