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What to Know Before Seeing "Air"

jascmeen contributor

No spoilers ahead.

Besties Ben Affleck and Matt Damon join forces for Air, set to hit theaters April 5. Thanks to an Instagram ad, I scored tix for a special showing. All in, it was pretty cute. Here's the rundown without spoilers.

1. The story is not about Michael Jordan.

Sure, Jordan fans will love it, but this is not a backstory of a rookie Michael Jordan and how he landed with Nike. This is a story about Nike and the efforts behind signing young Mike.

The story is so much not about MJ that the actor barely gets any screen time or lines.

2. Factoids run amuck.

Air Jordan collectors and MJ fans will most likely know the majority of the facts, back stories, and anecdotes woven through the film. It's still fun to see them played out, but don't expect a ton of new information. Perspectives? Yes.

3. Viola Davis is a national treasure.

As Deloris Jordan, Viola Davis really kills it and she makes it look easy. Like she shot the movie real quick, did a Target run, and went straight on home.

4. Matthew Maher needs his own film as Peter Moore.

Maher makes us want to know more about Peter Moore's artistic vision for the Air Jordan 1 and his approach to design. Pay attention to whenever he pops up on the screen.

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