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A Regular Person’s Thoughts on Drake’s Book

patricemcdowell contributor

Image via Pitchfork

Reviews ruin everything.

So, Drake wrote a book. And why shouldn’t he? He’s famous and his lyrics are extremely quotable — a pocket-sized book with his ruminations shouldn’t be so bad, right?

Each thought/mini poem/stanza/"bar" spans two nearly blank pages, making them very Instagrammable — which I like to think was the intent.

The exterior is aesthetically pleasing, in a striking blue hue with strong, simple white text. Style-wise, its coffee table material (though I think it would have been better even larger, bringing more humor to the brevity of the poems and making it more of a decor item as well. Sort of like the slap-you-in-the-face-lime-green Virgil Abloh ICONS book in literally every guy’s apartment.)

Since the release of Titles Ruin Everything, there’s been a lot of commentary on whether it deserves to be labeled as poetry, but given Drake is an actor turned rapper, where most careers tend to run in the opposite direction, let’s set him apart as a trailblazer and just look at the book as it is and take it for what it's worth.

Is it funny?

Yes. Drake serves up witty one-liners and caption-ready fodder. It brings the giggles, no doubt about it.

Is it stupid?

Yes, but again — in a fun way. It’s both toxic and an illuminator to one’s own toxicity. It’ll make you laugh… then wonder if there’s unpacked trauma that made you think *that* was funny.

Should I buy it?

Part decor item, part coffee table conversation starter, it’s a no-brainer.

Looking for prose? Keep lookin’. The title alone should signal it doesn’t take itself too seriously, so let’s just follow suit.

As of now Titles Ruin Everything: A Stream of Consciousness by Aubrey Graham and Kenza Samir is sold out, though you can sign up for restocks here. The book retails for $19.95 but can be found on resale sites like Grailed and eBay in the $80-$100 range.