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Did the NBA Draft Give Me Baby Fever? Yes. Yes, It Did.

patricemcdowell contributor

Growing up in a big family, I’ve seen my fair share of babies. Adorable, every one. Loud, whiny, too, but who’s complaining.

I love babies as much as the next person, but do they give me baby fever, not really.

Last weekend’s NBA draft might have given me my first reel rush of baby fever, ever. I honestly wish they turned it into a weeklong thing or some kind of docuseries because the adorable draftees and their proud families made me all warm and fuzzy — and I'm not really the warm and fuzzy type.

See, babies make me nervous. But a cool Gen Z son in a bombastic outfit, just darling!

Here’s a rundown of the athletes that made me, for a brief moment, wish I had a son to dress up.

Scoot Henderson's appliqué-doused blazer and candy-colored grill gave me heaps of Black boy joy. If you don't get the fit you weren't meant to get it. Simple as that.

Gradey Dick may not know it, but I'm his new God mama. The Elton Johnian sequin, the courage to don an exaggerated shoulder pad? Wow. This boy was raised right. He absolutely pulled at my heart strings, he's having fun and I love that for my God baby.

Taylor Hendricks' family photo jacket lining literally moved me to tears. Yes, I was PMS-ing but still. What a sweet kid!

Keyonte George's look wasn't just about this sumptuous print, look at the tasteful chain and the tailor on those pants! And the shoe choice is old meets new in the best way. Too cute from top to bottom.

Kobe Bufkin's shirtless look was an absolute A . And the doubel chain, Patek, and Van Cleef give tasteful luxury. I can't wait to see his tunnel fits.