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I Can't Decide if This Viral TikTok Star is Giving Me the Best or Worst Dating Advice

patricemcdowell contributor

Sprinkle, sprinkle.

I'm not sure how or why, but my TikTok algorithm is nothing but toxic. So called "dark femme" content was the beginning, with tips and tricks on manipulating men. I admittedly engaged with those, the idea of being some sort of sultry vixen is definitely more my vibe than any kind of super sweet, girl-next-door mumbo jumbo.

Well, TikTok saw my likes and upped the ante, putting several female-forward accounts in my feed, most of which were featuring a YouTube sensation who refers to herself as SheraSeven.

On the surface the content gives very Gold Digger 101 with quotes like the below. (Most of which end in her signature tag line "sprinkle sprinkle."

"If your man would leave you if you stopped paying half the bills or stopped contributing, thats your roommate. Dusty pet. Thats your stray."

"Don't ever question why a man ghosts you. If they come back into your life charge them admission... This is teaching them that if they ghost you again its gonna cost even more if you try to come back here."

"Let it get to the point that they want you to be their girlfriend and then explain what girlfriend means to you. It means all bills are paid. Direct deposit. Sprinkle sprinkle."

"Find a movie where the woman gets left broke and homeless because a man didn't have nothing in writing. Y'all need to watch that movie together, you need to cry, and thats your gateway. [Then ask,] 'I hope that doesn't happen to me, do you have any wills?' "

"Y'all have to get in the mind frame which is 'I am the prize, I expect high maintenance treatment.' "

"What made me choose James? Because he did whatever I needed him to do. Whatever, whenever, how ever. It was like a magic genie, baby. Can't beat that... That's how you know. When they're like your magic genie that's how you know you've found the correct target."

After hearting (and bookmarking) several of her clips its clear that what she's advising is about more than just getting your bills paid — although anything less than that is an abomination in The Book of SheraSeven. It's more about manifestation in its simplest form, simply acting how you want to be treated and taking absolutely nothing less.

Want to not work? Why entertain a "dusty?" Want to seem *expensive*? Dress nicely, order champagne, and be confident. Never chase. Never humiliate yourself. Never beg.

One tip I implemented actually worked like a charm, though it was incredibly risky.

I was on a date and the man suggested I call the uber back to our cars, basically asking me to pay for the uber since he paid for the first trip. I quickly snapped back with one of Shera's lines, "Oh thats no problem, I had no idea you were having financial issues. Happy to cover."

He was stuck.

"Nah, nevermind. I can call it."

I saved my money and set the tone for our next few dates.

Sprinkle, sprinkle.