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The New Fenty Filter Helps You Find Your Perfect Foundation

patricemcdowell contributor

Now that’s f-ing genius.

I have a profound love/hate relationship with filters. While they have most likely skewed my self-perception a tad, having a little blur under the eyes after a sleepless night never hurt nobody.

Leave it to the genius minds at Fenty Beauty to use filter technology for the greater good. The brand’s latest endeavor aims to make one of the biggest challenges in makeup shopping an absolute breeze. Living up to its name, the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r foundation can now be shade matched with a handy dandy TikTok filter.

Here’s how it works:

First, position yourself somewhere with excellent natural lighting. Toward a window is best, overhead lighting in your bathroom mirror? Not so much.

Next, choose your shade group from the options on the left side, groups range from “Light” to “Light/Medium,” and “Medium,” to “Medium/Deep” or “Deep.” Not sure which group to select? No biggie, you can toggle as you start matching.

Within each shade group you’ll find foundation shades which will take over the majority of the screen, while isolating your face and covering your hair and torso. Keep tapping swatches until there’s a near seamless match between your little egg head and the background.

Stuck between shades? I recommend buying two and mixing if you can afford it or going a tad lighter since I find that this formula does oxidize a tiny bit.

Click here to see the Fenty filter in action. Already a Pro Filt’r fan? Did it match you with your current shade? Drop a comment below if you found the filter helpful or nah.