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What We Can Learn from the Keke Drama

patricemcdowell contributor

A masterclass in proper pettiness.

Keke Palmer, beloved child star and queen of meme culture, was on the receiving end of some Grade-A hateration at the hands of her partner and child’s father Darius Jackson.

Keke, who has been embracing her post-pregnancy bodayyy, celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas with her girlies, donning a sheer gown with a thong bodysuit underneath.

Darius wasn’t having it.

Instead of keeping family business at home where it belongs, Darius took to social media to shame Keke’s fit. Forgoing all decency and respectability, he reposted a video of Keke getting serenaded by Usher writing the following, “It’s the outfit tho… you a mom.”

Fans jumped to Keke’s defense, noting that the sheer dress trend is commonplace at this time and as a seemingly unemployed trainer/actor/who knows, that his time would be better spent on LinkedIn, perhaps. He deactivated his social media accounts following the backlash. As he should.

Keke took the high road, of course, leaving pebbles of pettiness in her tracks. And that unique blend is something we can all aspire to. Not only did she post more images of her concert fit, she captioned the carousel saying she wished she had even more pics.

Not only did Keke unfollow Darius, but she also dropped “I’m a Motha” merch as a call out to the situation and this viral clip. How did she announce the drop? In perfect cool mom fashion, holding her son while on set and singing a lil Stevie Wonder to seal the deal.

Look, taking the high road isn’t *always* the answer. Sometimes when they go low, show ‘em you can go a little lower fr. But Keke’s multi-level clapback should be taught in schools. She hit the sweet spot of pettiness and we love that for her.