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Why is No One Talking About How Good ‘And Just Like That’ Has Gotten?

patricemcdowell contributor

Not like good-good, but way better!

Mild spoilers ahead

Season 1 of the "Sex and the City" reprise "And Just Like That" was a bit rocky. Granted the expectations were sky high and there were new characters and shocking shake-ups to navigate, not to mention Kim Catrall’s absence left a void in the main characters’ interactions. (She brought the sex, after all.)

Miranda, a once anchoring figure stumbled over white fragility and gained a non-binary partner, Samantha had to face her own privilege and learn to accept her non-binary child, Carrie had to transition from a writer to a podcaster all while navigating the loss of Big — it was a lot to digest.

New characters played by Sarita Choudhury, Nicole Ari Parker, and Karen Pittman bring extra fabulousness, unique perspective, and the diversity SATC lacked for so many years. (How a show about New York could be so white, I have no idea. But then… "Friends.")

If you’re willing to put season one in the past, season two is a really fun watch so far. The season opens with all our fabulous girlies going to The Met Gala, delivering campy one-liners, and channeling beloved moments from the HBO original and the movie. (Movie. Singular. There was never a sequel and no one can convince me otherwise.)

As with any easy-to-watch, silly little show, the biggest conflicts are obvious and looming. Can Miranda balance being a bicoastal mom and girlfriend? Can Carrie get with the times without feeling like she’s lost herself? Especially after losing so much already? Can Samantha ever just free herself from the perfect girl image, after alllllllll these years?

I couldn’t help but wonder…

What critics fail to realize is that "And Just Like That" is primarily for "Sex and the City" fans. If you can’t get with the part-time corniness and full-time fashion impracticality, don’t stream. Let the rest of us imagine sweeping the NYC streets with couture, minaudière in hand. The girls that get it, get it.

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