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Sober Icons to Inspire You

rpzargarian contributor

LA-based ghostwriter/editor of best-selling books with bylines in USA Today & LA Tribune Magazine

Today we are approaching closer to a collective understanding that if it’s not giving health, wealth, or happiness… it is quite simply just not giving.

Growing communities within social media platforms like Instagram, and TikTok especially, are increasing with content and creators getting real about better life choices on how to make big checks from drop-shipping methods, manifesting the best life, achieving travel goals, and more.

One of the more prominent topics that swarm our daily app scrolls involves health and wellness. With health trends picking up, there is a social market for people looking to embrace cleaner lifestyles by minimizing or excluding alcohol and substance use. Relevant content around sobriety and clean living has inspired people to come out of the boozy dazed woodwork to claim that it feels nice to go without.

Aside from the daily inspiration (i.e., @asobergirlsguide, @creativesobriety, @sobermotivation on Instagram) to carry out our best sober-centric lifestyles, some of our favorite familiar faces have been open about their journeys as well.

Firstly, let’s start with some history.

Marty Mann Marty Mann

In 1939, 35-year-old Marty Mann started attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings – the beginning of a journey of becoming the first-known woman to gain consistent sobriety through the program. During her recovery from alcoholism, she became more immersed in advocating what is today’s understanding of addiction as “a disease, not a moral falling.” She played an integral part in founding the Yale School of Alcoholic Studies and the organization known today as the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD). Her efforts were the necessary push to help people who are battling addiction during her time and today. Marty is an essential influence in history, especially when addiction was not viewed with deep consideration.

Florence Welch Florence Welch

Florence Welch: The iconic redheaded songstress of Florence and the Machine has eight years of sobriety down. She remains openly communicative to her audience about her journey, lending a virtual guiding hand to fans who may be dealing with addiction. In 2021 she posted on her Instagram:

“If you are feeling shaky around ED issues, drugs, or alcohol, I completely understand. The desire to disassociate is so strong. But please don’t give up. We are going to need you on the other side.”

Adwoa Aboah Adwoa Aboah

Adwoa Aboah: You may recognize her from her stunning freckle-paved face, but did you know that the 30-year-old fashion model sought sobriety at 22? Voted Model of the Year for in 2017, Adwoa described her sober journey as:

“almost like a grieving period…I was lucky enough to go to treatment… I think I’m quite lucky that I was pushed to deal with it now… Pushed to rip apart myself and put it all back together so that I could look at things a bit differently.”

Kehlani Kehlani

Kehlani: The R&B singer took to TikTok in August 2021 to express that she has ended her relationship with marijuana. “I used to smoke a lot of weed and now I speak on it in a past tense perspective.” She mentions that smoking was hurting her vocal cords and affecting her

“to a point where I couldn’t eat, sleep or be at a social gathering. I couldn’t kick it without smoking weed, and I just didn’t want it to have that hold on my life anymore.”

The video has nearly 450,000 likes, with thousands of comments from people sharing similar sentiments about stepping away from smoking.

So whether it’s a temporary break or a complete transformation you’re seeking, your health (physical, mental, and emotional) is an important pillar to continue nurturing.

Like most things in life, every initial step into the new or unknown is met with apprehension.

My parting advice to you is to remember that good things reap from confident actions.

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