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Tia Is Changing Women's Healthcare

rpzargarian contributor

Have you heard about the new healthcare created by women - for women?

Enter Tia: the efficient healthcare system helping women treat and maintain their physical, reproductive, and mental wellness all in one.

Tia is not like your regular doctor visits. The process of getting help can drag on when you are visiting multiple doctors who each specialize in different areas of the body. Rather than delaying getting the help you need, Tia offers a comprehensive approach by providing care teams that work together to treat women’s bodies as a whole with “diagnosis and treatment tailored to your unique needs.”

Yup, this means patients have access to primary care providers, gynecologists, therapists, acupuncturists, and various other caregivers and resources all in one facility. Tia ensures on their website, “We employ the highest quality providers that are vetted & trained in whole-person health with a focus on root cause diagnosis & lifestyle-based interventions.”

Tia is a membership and non-membership-based program that conducts both online and offline. By becoming a member, patients can gain access to all of Tia’s care services through their qualifying insurance. Best of all, Tia understands the importance of being transparent with pricing. Along with presenting a service list page on their website, Tia guarantees “access and preventing surprise medical bills — especially if you are uninsured or out-of-network.”

What really stands out about Tia is their flair for keeping things organized. Since this is the new approach to healthcare, patients can say “bye-bye” to all the extra paper and digitally obtain their health records from their smartphones.

Now, where does it all begin?

The Tia journey starts with a Whole Health Exam divided into three steps: a Virtual Care appointment, an In-Clinic Care appointment, and a Virtual Follow-up.

  • After filling out a detailed questionnaire, an initial one-on-one Virtual Care appointment is set up to meet with your provider to talk further about your health history, and a custom Care Plan is built to maintain your wellness journey.

  • Upon figuring out your health goals and areas of focus, you will make your way to one of Tia’s clinics for your In-Clinic Care appointment. This is where you will take your physical exams like bloodwork, pelvic exams, and pap tests, among others.

  • Finally, when you have provided all the necessary information, you will meet with your provider for a Virtual Follow-Up to evaluate test results and enter them into your Care Plan.

Tia’s approach is more seamless than the lengthy and complicated procedure of doctor visits. By simplifying the accessibility factor, women can feel less stress about booking future visits and keep up with routine checkups without fuss.

Today, Tia has its doors open in four locations - Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and Phoenix.

You can learn more about Tia on their website and check out their online blog, The Tia Take, where experts dive into topics such as women’s reproductive health, mental health, healthcare inclusivity, and so much more.

Join Tia and begin your wellness journey today.

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