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Latina-Arab American

No one questions falling in love, but now I must — because I didn’t ask to fall.

Falling in love is such as running past the wind as a child with excitement and joy as the cotton candy blue sky above welcomes him or her to play.

When suddenly and unexpectedly– gravity stops.

They trip. They hurt. They fall and in love they are.

No one questions falling in love, but now I must— because I didn’t ask to fall.

My scraped knees are bursting in blood and pain. I’m vulnerable.

Running at this moment is no bliss.

As my tears fade away and my knees clear up, I find myself healing from the abrupt fall. I am scared but I am ready to walk my way back to the embrace of my lover.

My legs are stronger, and I am now aware that gravity will intend its’ vile game again, again, and time again. Why? I am still understanding that part.

But I choose to conquer again, again, and time again because it was my lover who lifted me from the concrete after falling (in love) alongside me.

Hi, and welcome to my ✨thought life✨ written out- think of this as @thevaleriaalis blog.  From season to season, you’ll be able to read about things that are most on my heart. You can expect to look forward to reading topics around Jesus, lifestyle, mindset, and more. There’s no set schedule as to when I’ll post. I could upload a piece weekly, monthly or every two months - heck this could be the last blog you’ll read from me, lol! Just know that when I do share, the words I write come from a convicted and sincere heart! Hope you enjoy it. XOXO! - Valeria Ali